Sowerby Bridge League

The Annual General Meeting of the Sowerby Bridge Bowling Association on December 5th marked the end of an era with the retirement, after 34 years service, of Association Secretary Alan Dean and Treasurer Ray Davis.


When the pair took office the Association had an evening league of two divisions and two individual competition. Under their stewardship, the Association has thrived and in 2019 ran an evening league of four divisions with 39 teams, a veterans league of two divisions with 24 teams, a four man team knock-out and a full program of five individual and pairs competitions.


The pair were thanked for their exceptional service and and received a plaque recording their service. Taking over the reins will be League Secretary Peter Martin and Treasurer John Beard

Management Committee

President: M J Griffiths 01422 252581 07901 843472
Secretary: P Martin 07551 481918 
Competition Secretary: Mark Holden 07825 295278
Treasurer: John Beard 07882310906
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