December 1988
1. The SILVER ROSE BOWL shall be competed for the Cup—tie or Knock—Out principle and such competition shall be called the ROSE BOWL HANDICAP'.
2. A second cup called the EWART LORD TROPHY shall be competed for by the teams defeated in the qualifying round of the ROSE BOWL HANDICAP the same dates, (finals excepted) and condition shall apply as for the premier competition.
3. The entrance fee shall be determined at the ANNUAL MEETING of the Halifax and District Bowling Association and must be paid to the Treasurer by the FEBRUARY meeting.
4. The draw shall be carried out in the waterloo method and the matches shall be played on neutral greens on THURSDAY evening to commence at 6:45pm. The final date of the competition shall, be fixed at the FEBRUARY meeting.
5. In the event of a tie, the match shall be replayed on the following THURSDAY, or any day previous to the following THURSDAY v by mutual agreement of BOTH TEAMS and the host club, on the same green. (The constitution of the teams and the order of play may be changed.) Any match abandoned or postponed, the same conditions as for a tie shall apply. A match can only be postponed by the referee or groundsman declaring the green unfit to play.
6. The competing teams shall be handicapped by the management committee or by a handicapping committee.
7. Teams shall number 10 players who shall be bona-fide registered members of their club on the 31st January in each year. A player shall not be allowed to play for more than one club in any one season. with more than one club in any one seasons.
8. Any club may enter as many teams in the competition as they wish and these shall be called A, B, C, D. etc.
9. Clubs must register with the Association Secretary, by the February meeting each year, a list of intending players submitted in alphabetical order, Clubs entering more than one team must star the
10 players who are regarded as their A team; if three teams are entered, a further 10 players who are regarded as their B team, shall be starred. The Management Committee have power to alter
Starrings, if in their considered opinion theses are incorrect.
Players starred A Shall only play with the A team
Players starred B may play with A or B teams, but not with C teams.
Players starred C may play with A B or C teams, but no player may play with two teams in the same round as the competition.
10. Only registered players may take Part in the competition, but clubs may apply to the Management Committee for any alterations or additions to the list registered players, before the first round of the competition. Teams playing unregistered players, starred players with teams of a lower rating, or a player in two teams in the same round of the ROSE BOWL and/or EWART LORD competitions, shall have 21—0 recorded against each offending Player.
11. The order of play of team members shall be nominated by the team captain before the commencement of the tie and alternate members of each team will lead the jack. The first team in the tie shall Lead the first jack, In the event of any player in the first 4/5 games called being absent, the next in order of draw shall be called until 4/5 games are in progress. on completion of the first game, the order of play shall be strictly as draw. Should a player called still be absent, a substitute shall then be called immediately. If no substitute is available the referee shall award the game to the opposing player 21—0. The absence of sufficient markers shall be no excuse for delaying the commencement of the match.
12. Five jacks shall be the green shall be on the green for the qualifying and preliminary rounds, and thereafter four jacks, except where the referee considers this to be impracticable, and his decision on the matter is final.
13. An efficient referee shall be appointed by C the club whose green is being used for match and they must be supplied with the necessary measuring equipment. The captain of the winning team shall be responsible for sending the result card to the Secretary of the Association immediately at the conclusion of the match. In cases where the result card is not received oy the Association Secretary by the Monday following the date of •the match, the defaulting club may be scratched
from the competitions.
14. All games shall be 21 up, the handicap points to be added to each team total score.
15. No play shall be permitted by any member of either team on the neutral green selected for a match between the day of the publication of the draw and the actual commencement of the match, except in a competition or League fixture, authorised by an affiliated bowling association or league.
16. No Club shall be allowed to withdraw their green if they are participants in the competition unless a satisfactory explanation is given to the Management Committee it is expected that if a green selected is unfit, the Association Secretary will be informed immediately.
17. Semi—Final and Final matches - The Management Committee will appoint referees and measurers for these games and a charge for admission of spectator’s will be made at the Finals. Collections Will be taken at the Semi-Finals.
18. The Management Committee's decision will be final on the venue of any matches